Aleide Lawant is born on February 9th 1984 in The Netherlands. Until eighteen years old she never got in touch with martial arts. For fun the young Dutch girl joined a few classes in kickboxing when she found out that she had feeling for the sports. Soon Aleide trained five days a week at Loeks Gym, a Dutch style kickboxing gym in the centre of her hometown Alkmaar, ruled by Peter van Os. This trainer has years of experience in and outside the ring, and learned his skills in the famous Mejiro Gym in Amsterdam. Trainer and founder of the sports in Holland Jan Plas thought him the Dutch Style kickboxing. Here Van Os trained with famous fighters as Rob Kaman and André Mannaart.

It didn’t even took a year before Aleide stepped for the first time in the ring in December 2003. She won her fight on TKO in the first round. It was the beginning of a career that is still going on and wherefore she travels around the world. In the meantime Aleide is wearing the nickname The Dutchess. Big names from her division like Julie Kitchen, Miriam Nakamoto, Lindsay Scheer, Hatice Ozyurt and Maria Pantazi crossed her path already. In December 2011th Aleide won as a team captain from Enfusion Reality, a television show which is broadcasted all over the world. With the WBC world title fight in August 2013 versus Miriam Nakamoto she, despite her loss, put her stamp with what she’s able to in a bloody and hard Full Rules Muay Thai fight in Temecula, California.

By now kickboxing and Aleide are inseparable. Her whole week is dedicated to the sport. Unfortunately, women fighting is not profitable. That’s why the Dutch girl works at a newspaper beside her professional career at the Courant Alkmaar. Since July 2013, she attained her bachelor degree in Media, Information and Communication and in October of that year she founded her own company Aleide Lawant Personal Training. Because eventually she wants to make her live out of the sports, now with her fighting career, but also afterwards.

Meanwhile Aleide also trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with her boyfriend, black belt Jonathan Ornella, to fight Mixed Martial Arts as well soon in the near future.