Team Loek Gym

Aleide Lawant would never reach this level in fighting without the people who train her. The driving force behind her success full career is the man who was at her side from her first steps on the mat and into the ring, Peter van Os. Under the inspiring leadership of this ex-fighter from the legendary Mejiro Gym Amsterdam and the owner of Loek Gym Aleide learns to adapt the kickboxing techniques. Every fight Van Os knows how to get the best out of the girl and he puts lots of hours in her to refine her techniques. Together they traveled to competitions in the United States, Greece, England, Czech Republic and many of Dutch locations.

Also Sieger Schurink has been a part of the training of Aleide. Schurink is responsible of the boxing part in Loeks Gym. He trains regularly with her on the pads or in classes to improve her boxing techniques. The qualities of this former boxer also created a large growth in Aleide.

Leon van Wely takes a place in the permanent team in Aleide in 2011. The specialist in altitude training and mental coaching starts with improving her condition in the altitude chamber. Soon he becomes an integral part of the team, which includes a solid part in Aleides preparation and cornering. In 2013, Leon van Wely is transferred for his work in the militairy to Curacao for three years to Curacao, but he tries as much as possible to be still a part of her preparation and competitions.

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